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Current Continuity

Zone is the Mobian term for other dimensions and universes besides the Prime Zone. Travel between these worlds, while uncommon, have become possible through various means, such as the Genesis Portals.

The term Zone can also refer to various areas on Sonic's World itself, such as the Green Hill Zone.



Sonic the Hedgehog and some of his allies have had adventures in the Sol Zone, an alternate dimension home to Blaze the Cat, Marine the Raccoon, and various others.(VG: SRu, SRuA, SU: #55, #56, #57, #58)

Genesis Portals are gateways which exist between alternate realities, allowing visitors to travel through the dimensional barriers. They were revealed to be the results of the Multiverse collapsing in on itself and rebooting; tearing holes in the fabric of spacetime. (SCO: #6, SU: #75, SSSM: #14)


The world's surface-and that of Angel Island-is also divided into various Zones, though there are areas that are not designated as such. Examples of the former include Westside Island's Wood Zone, home to Knothole; Pumpkin Hill Zone; and Angel Island's Launch Base Zone. (StH: #253, SU: #63)

Alternate Reality Zones

Named Alternate Zones

Other Worlds

Named Pocket Zones

Locations on Sonic's World Named "Zone"

Background Information

  • Following the Super Genesis Wave, the majority of the surface area of Sonic's World is divided into named Zones. The major exception is cities, which are thought of as independent areas and not part of a Zone.

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