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Zero Profile

Maverick Hunter Zero

Zero is a robot from the future of Earth 20XX who fights alongside X to thwart the evil Sigma and his Mavericks.


Early Life

Zero Attacks

Zero's fight with Sigma.

Zero was created a hundred years prior to the creation of the Reploid race by none other than Dr. Wily, who also created the virus that would infect later Reploids and turn them into Mavericks. Though originally intended as a weapon against Wily's enemies, Zero proved too unstable and Wily sealed him in a capsule, much as Dr. Light did with X. He was awakened a century later and became violent and hostile to all parties, destroying anyone who dared approach him. It was only when Sigma challenged him that Zero finally met his match, but the pair ended up being infected by Wily's virus as a result. After recovering, Zero became a much saner individual and joined the Maverick Hunters, rising swiftly through the ranks due to his power and skill. Unfortunately, the virus soon saw Sigma corrupted, and Zero would be forced to fight against his old foe once again, though this time with X by his side. Many difficult challenges would face Zero, including being forced to fight two Reploids whom he had considered close friends: Colonel and his sister Iris. (MMX; MM: #50)

Worlds Unite

Zero and his teammates-including newcomer Axl-later located Sigma's latest fortress and launched an all-out assault to finish him once and for all. Zero and Axl ended up battling with a rebuilt Vile while X went after Sigma. As they battled, Axl teased Zero, as the latter had objected to his joining the Hunters despite Vile's previous membership. Annoyed, Zero ordered Axl into flanking position while he faced Vile directly. Following the battle, the pair and X received unexpected help from the dimension-hopping Silver the Hedgehog, who helped them open a Genesis Portal so that they could pursue Sigma. Unfortunately, they ended up in the Sonic Boom Zone by mistake, but found unlikely new allies in the form of Sticks the Badger, Comedy Chimp, and Fastidious Beaver. Joined by the unlikely "Team Sticks", the trio of Hunters were led by them to the base of that world's version of Dr. Eggman. His minions, Orbot and Cubot, were "persuaded" by Zero to open another portal, through which the unusual team then passed. (SU: #76; WUB: MM; SB: #8)

Zero and his teammates eventually made it to Mobius as it was being merged with Earth 20XX of the past, and joined forces with the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Robot Masters. The group then boarded the Sky Patrol in order to pursue their campaign against Sigma. A meeting was soon held aboard ship, and Zero joined fellow red robot Break Man in collecting X, Mega Man, and Roll from the training room. He later joined his teammates at the meeting, where they were interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Dr. Wily-who later noted that Zero looked like something he would create-Xander Payne, and Dr. Eggman. Informed of Sigma's whereabouts by the villains, the Sky Patrol set course for the Lost Hex. Along the way, Zero befriended fellow swordsman Antoine D'Coolette, though each claimed to have the better weapon. It was soon put to the test as the heroes faced the Mechaniloid army led by the Deadly Six. During the fight, Zero and X realized that Sigma had to be using the power of the Genesis Portals to revive old enemies. Unfortunately, Robot Masters and Maverick hunters alike were then taken over by the Zeti, who forced them to attack their friends. While crossing blades with Antoine, Zero did his best to get a panicking Axl back on task, assuring him that they were not turning into Mavericks. Fortunately, he and the others were returned to normal thanks to the Egg-Wily Uppity Robot Scrambler Cannon. He then joined Sonic in calling for them to press their assault on Sigma, but they were in the minority due to the group being weary from their previous battles. (MM: #50; SU: #77; SB: #9; StH: #274)

Unfortunately, the heroes would soon find themselves facing an even greater menace: an army of Mavericks created by Sigma and the villain himself in a gigantic new body. After dealing with an aghast Axl, X turned to regard Zero, making sure he was okay facing old enemies and former friends. Zero assured his friend that he was okay, particularly given that Colonel and Iris were not among Sigma's Time-Clones. Unfortunately, the fears of the others proved true, and they were left at the mercy of Sigma's Mavericks. The tyrant dispatched most of his forces to invade other worlds using the Genesis Portals, while a handful remained behind to finish the heroes off. Luckily, help arrived in the form of Sticks and the heroes of the Street Fighter Zone, who dispatched the attackers. Given the chance to recuperate, the heroes then prepared to pursue their foes to various worlds, splitting up and-in the case of flightless combatants like Zero-boarding Extreme Gear. In small teams they set out to hunt down the Mavericks, while also recruiting heroes from the other worlds to their cause. The expanded force soon engaged Sigma and his defenses in battle, only for Sigma to unveil his ultimate form. Super Sonic and Super Mega Man eventually managed to defeat him due to Wily and Eggman's interference, and Xander Payne later prevented Sigma's trip back through time. As such, Zero his comrades were returned to their own time, with Sigma's demise being attributed to X. (MM: #51, #52; StH: #275)


Zero is a confident fighter and a noble warrior, but also possesses something of a temper. He is also not above intimidating others in order to accomplish the Hunters' goals. Zero's dedication to stopping Sigma is admirable, but at times borders on obsession, causing him to drive others onward even in the face of exhaustion and injury.


Zero is a powerful warrior, and like his teammates can copy the abilities of enemies for his own use. He possesses both the Zero Buster, a cannon weapon similar to that wielded by X, and the Z-Saber, a powerful energy sword.

Background Information

  • Zero is one of the most popular characters in the Mega Man series, appearing as a playable character in the many Mega Man X games and going on to star in his own series afterwards.
  • As a Reploid is a robot modeled after X, Zero is not a Reploid. It is unknown just how similar Zero and X are in terms of the way they were built, as their respective creators were two different people. Being Dr. Light's rival and partner for a long time, it is possible that Dr. Wily matched schematics close enough for Zero to be superior to the Reploids created much later on.

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