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Original Continuity

You may be looking for the Alpha 100 Series of the Pre-Super Genesis Wave reality, or for Zero from the Mega Man X series.

E-100 "Alpha" (α)
Biographical information

3236 (date of destruction: unknown)


Dr. Eggman

  • ZERO
Physical description
  • Colours: red, blue, yellow, green and grey.
  • Eyes: red
  • Symbol: lowercase Greek Alpha symbol (α).
  • Shoulder-mounted laser cannon
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Can extend hands
  • Hovering

ZERO (serial number and codename E-100 "Alpha") was the very first prototype of Dr. Eggman's E-100 series robots. An early and experimental model, the Alpha model had design features that made them unique to most of it's successor "brothers." E-100 Alpha robots were used to track down and capture a green Flicky, as well as Amy Rose, due to her aged body containing powers left over from the Ring of Acorns (which was forged using a Super Emerald and thus could be used to evolve Chaos further).


Use to Capture Flicky

For unknown reasons, a group of E-100 Alphas were tasked with chasing and retrieving a green Flicky. The Flicky had managed to flee to the Hidden City of the Ancients, where it was then protected by Amy Rose. Amy managed to destroy one of the E-100's with her Piko Piko Hammer, but two more showed up and captured her and brought her back to the Egg Carrier. (StH: #81)

The E-100's were likely tasked with retrieving the Flicky to place it within one of the E-100 models, similar to those trapped within E-102 Gamma and the other E-100's. This is the case in the game Sonic Adventure, though was never specified in the comics.


Eventually the E-100 units were decommissioned and scrapped by the Eggman Empire. As such, they were ignored by Gamma during his quest to liberate the rest of his "brothers." (ASUB)


The E-100 Alpha's form completely lacked any legs employed by the four E-100 series models, instead using some kind of propulsion lift to allow it to move around, similar to the upgraded E-101 Beta model. It's basic shape seemed more like a large box, removing almost any semblance to a overlander template. In addition, Alpha had only a single shoulder-mounted laser cannon built into it which had poor aim; a stark contrast to E-123 Omega, who was primarily made up of weapons. Its primary "weapons" were a pair of arms with fist-like manipulators, making it suitable only for melee combat or dealing with weaker enemies.

Background Information

  • The E-100 Alpha's were likely tasked with retrieving the green Flicky to place it within another E-100 model, similar to those trapped within the other E-100's. This is the case in the game Sonic Adventure, though was never specified in the comics.
  • E-100 Alpha's coloring design differs significantly from its game counterpart.
  • In the Sonic Adventure game, E-100 Alpha was more commonly referred to as "ZERO."

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