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X Profile
First Appearance
Biographical information

Somewhere between 20XX and 21XX (Alternate Earth calendar)


Dr. Light


Maverick Hunter



  • Mega Man X
Physical description
  • Color: Blue
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Brown (Presumably)
  • Power Supply: Solar Power Core
  • Serial Number: Unknown
  • Mega Buster
  • Copying Abilities
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Laser cannon fire
Notable Super Forms



X, sometimes called Mega Man X, is an advanced robot created by Dr. Light and activated in the year 21XX, one hundred years past the time of the original Mega Man on Earth 20XX.


Creation and Discovery

X Awakens

X is activated by Dr. Cain.

X was built by Dr. Light and created to possess the free will of a human being, but Light was fearful how such an experimental robot might react. He decided to seal X in a capsule that would analyze his systems and make sure that they wouldn't malfunction, but knew he wouldn't live to see it finish and had no one to take over his work. One hundred years later, X's capsule was discovered and opened by the archaeologist Dr. Cain, who copied X's design in order to create the Reploids. Unfortunately, some Reploids turned against humanity and became Mavericks, forcing other Reploids to fight against them. X would eventually join the Maverick Hunters in an effort to fulfill Dr. Light's dream of a peaceful coexistence between humans and robots. (MM: #34, #35, MMX)

Meeting Sonic, Mega Man and Sticks

X and Company Appear

The Reploids appear in Sticks's zone.

Reploids and Team Sticks appear

The Reploids and Team Sticks appear.

X eventually led a Hunter assault on Sigma's latest fortress, determined to finish off the Maverick leader once and for all. While Zero and Axl fought against Sigma's lieutenant Vile, X went after Sigma himself, only to witness the villain's escape to the Prime Zone through a Genesis Portal. Aided by the arriving time traveler Silver the Hedgehog, X and his two companions opened another portal and set out to pursue Sigma, only to land on the Sonic Boom Zone. Joined by the unlikely heroes of Team Sticks, the trio then used the technology of that reality's Dr. Eggman to open another portal and continue their quest. They managed to track him to Mobius as it was being merged with Earth 20XX, and X and his teammates joined forces with Sonic the Hedgehog's Knothole Freedom Fighters and Mega Man's Robot Masters aboard the Sky Patrol. This led to a conversation between X, Mega Man, and Roll, a meeting of Dr. Light's creations previously separated by a century of time. The two were struck by their many similarities, both of them having built to fulfill Dr. Light's dreams of peace. Feeling somewhat responsible for the tragedies that had befallen his time, X contemplated asking Dr. Light never to create him so as to prevent them from occurring, but Mega Man encouraged him not to give up. The trio were then summoned to a meeting by Zero and Break Man, which led to a bit of a laugh for X and Mega Man as each wondered whether the other had fought "the red guy." (SU: #76; WUB: MM; SB: #8; MM: #50)

Sally Acorn later turned the meeting between the leadership of the various groups to X, as he had the most experience dealing with Sigma. However, the proceedings were interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Dr. Albert W. Wily, Dr. Eggman, and Xander Payne. The trio were briefly imprisoned, but upon learning that they had knowledge of Sigma's plans, X agreed with Sonic that they needed the doctors' help against the Maverick leader. After learning that Sigma intended to merge more worlds together and drain their power, the Sky Patrol set it's course for the Lost Hex. Along the way, X attempted to contact Alia and Signas but failed, but was cheered when Sally, Cream the Rabbit, Roll, and Nicole the Holo-Lynx offered their services as Navigators. The heroes were soon forced to contend with Sigma's Mechaniloid, under the leadership of the Deadly Six. During the fight, X and Zero recognized some previously defeated robots, and realized that Sigma must have cloned them using his new powers. The effects of the Sigma Armor on the Deadly Six also made it evident to the Hunters that the Zeti were being controlled by Sigma. Unfortunately, their success against the Mechaniloids was halted as the villainous aliens used their strange powers to force X, Mega Man, and their fellow robots to attack the Freedom Fighters. (SU: #77; SB: #9)

Unable to stop themselves, X and the others forced their organic allies to retreat into the Sky Patrol's interior. Fortunately, both they and their alien puppetmasters were halted by the Egg-Wily Uppity Robot Scrambler Cannon, which destroyed the Sigma Armor and freed X and his comrades from enemy control. They had little time to rest, however, as Sigma appeared from the depths of the Lost Hex in a massive new body with an army of Time-Cloned Mavericks at his command. Axl briefly panicked at the sight of so many previously destroyed Mavericks, but X was able to calm him down by assuring him that they were duplicates. He then approached Zero to see if his comrade had similar concerns, but Zero was unmoved, particularly given the absence of fallen friends-turned-enemies Colonel and Iris. Outnumbered and weary, the heroes failed to stop the vast majority of the Mavericks from escaping through portals to other worlds. A handful remained behind to finish them, but were fortunately dispatched as Sticks arrived with new allies from the Street Fighter Zone. With their numbers bolstered, the heroes split up in order to hunt the Mavericks down across the worlds they had scattered to. (StH: #274; MM: #51)

X and Sticks soon visited the world of Monster Hunter, where they took on the X-Hunters. Afterwards, they and their new allies joined the force assembled by the other heroes from the Sky Patrol crew. This army then attacked Sigma directly, engaging his defenses and destroying his massive body. Unfortunately, he then unveiled an incredibly powerful new form that decimated the heroes' ranks. It was left to Super Sonic and Super Mega Man to face him, and they eventually succeeded in destroying him. Unfortunately, his use of the Genesis Portals threatened to destroy all reality. It was only the actions of Xander Payne that prevented this from occurring-in fact, he prevented Sigma from ever traveling back in time. As a result, X and his comrades never left their time, and the other Hunters came to believe that X had succeeded in destroying their foe once and for all. (SB: #10; StH: #275; MM: #52)


X is a peace-loving individual who has reluctantly accepted the need to fight against those who threaten peace. While he is dedicated to stopping Sigma, he is not as driven as Zero, and is often more moderate in his methods and in recognizing the need for caution. He evidently feels somewhat responsible for the violence that has wracked his world, but has become dedicated to trying to create a peaceful world for humans and Reploids.


Like Mega Man, X is a formidable fighter with the ability to copy his opponent's weapons and use them for himself. As an advanced version of the robot, X has a number of abilities that Mega Man doesn't, including the ability to dash and the ability to equip various armors developed by Dr. Light prior to the scientist's death. While not specifically designed for combat, he was equipped with the powerful X-Buster to enable him to defend himself and others.

Background Information

  • Mega Man X appeared in his self-titled game for the SNES, later appearing in its multiple sequels.
  • He first appeared (in the Archie Comics) in Mega Man #34.
  • As the Reploids were created based on X, X is not a Reploid.

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