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You may be looking for the species from the Another Time in Another Place zone.

First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #252

Form of Group and Statistics
  • Alien race
Resident location 

Planet Wisp


The Wisps are a species of small, tentacled aliens that possess some kind of unusual power.


During a previous adventure, Sonic and Tails (with the aid of a Wisp named Yacker) once rescued the Wisps from being enslaved by Dr. Eggman who wanted to harness their Hyper-go-on power. The full details of how they defeated Eggman and saved the Wisps is unknown, except that it apparently involved Silver the Hedgehog. The New Black Comet captured a number of Wisps in their experiments to create the Dark Arms, but left their homeworld intact due to being focused on reaching Mobius. (StH: #252, SU: #69)

Background Information

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