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The Winged Victory was Sonic's personal biplane, and was the predecessor to the Tornado. Originally nameless, it was christened "Winged Victory" by the Mobotropolis Council in 3235 just prior to Sonic and Tails' search for Ixis Naugus. (StH: #57)


Sonic and Tails used the Winged Victory to chase after Naugus, flying from Mobotropolis to Mercia to Stormtop Village to Downunda to Sand Blast City to the Southern Tundra until they finally tracked down and defeated Ixis Naugus, and then flew to the Great Rainforest and back home. Sonic later flew it to Big Kahuna Island to assist Geoffrey St. John's team of the Royal Secret Service to rescue Nate Morgan. After the success of this mission however, the Winged Victory was stolen by Kodos and Uma Arachnis, who successfully fled the scene with it and Crocbot's remains. (StH: #13, #57, #58, #61, #63, #63, #64, #66, #67, #70)

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