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A Wing Dingo

Wing Dingoes were robotic flying dingoes and were the primary fighting force of Crocbot in Downunda. Often operating in packs, Wing Dingoes were formidable opponents. When Tails arrived in Downunda he was ambushed by a group of Wing Dingoes and rendered unconscious. However, the Downunda Freedom Fighters arrived in time and rescued Tails while badly damaging most of the Wing Dingoes, though one managed to capture Wombat Stu and bring him back to Crocbot. (TMS: #2)

Wing Dingoes continued to be used in Downunda even after Crocbot's defeat. E-102 Gamma destroyed a Wing Dingo from the shadows while it was fighting Walt Wallabee. Some time after that, an advanced horde of hostile Wing Dingoes came to Angel Island for the purpose of stealing the Master Emerald and attacked Vector the Crocodile and Ray en-mass. The robots easily overwhelmed the two, but then fled when Ray pretended to tap the power of the Master Emerald for a Super transformation. They later returned and attacked the Chaotix and Dr. Finitevus. Later they aided the Downunda Dark Egg Legion in taking down Knuckles, Mighty, Vector and Guru Emu at the crater rim, providing aerial support to the legionnaires. (SU: #3, #9, #10, #11)

Wing Dingo is a parody of the mythical Windigo.

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