The Wharf Side Dance Hall is a nightclub in the Discovery Zone, an alternate Zone to Mobius. After entering a portal into the zone, Sonic the Hedgehog found himself at the night club, waiting for a contact who turned out to be Sally Acorn. The two had arranged to meet previously, with Sally looking to hire Sonic to retrieve her hand-held computer, NICOLE. Gladly taking the job-mostly due to Sally's good looks and the prospect of a reward-Sonic took off at top speed. After recovering NICOLE, Sonic returned to the dance hall to return her to Sally. Unfortunately, Dr. Robotnik arrived to crash the party with his Combots, despite the club's no-robot policy. Sonic engaged the robots, only to be halted by the sight of Sally held at gunpoint. Sally explained who she was-the leader of a group of Freedom Fighters-and Sonic managed to get the two of them to safety by using a Power Ring. Robotnik left the dance hall in search of them, unaware that they had hidden underneath a table. After arranging for transportation, Sonic showed Sally a hidden passage under the bar, which had been shown him by a waiter named Sip. (StH: #52)

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