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The deserted city of West Robotropolis in 3236

West Robotropolis was a city located many miles west of Mobotropolis on Big Kahuna Island. The city had been entirely abandoned by 3236 following the demise of Dr. Ivo Robotnik. After escaping from the Devil's Gulag, a group of convicts consisting of Snively, Sleuth Dog, Drago Wolf, the Fearsome Foursome, Kodos and Uma Arachnis secretly fled to West Robotropolis. Once there, they decided to capture Nate Morgan and use his scientific genius for their own nefarious purposes. Nate was subsequently captured while in Mobotropolis and brought back to West Robotropolis, but was freed by Sonic the Hedgehog and members of the Royal Secret Service. Meanwhile the convicts (with the exception of Kodos, Uma Arachnis and Snively) were re-captured and sent back to prison. (StH: #68, #70)

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