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Weasely commentating the tournament.

Wes Weasely is a Mobian Weasel who served as the commentator for the Chaos Emerald Championship. As such, he identified several sponsors of the tournament, including HEXAeco, MeteorTech, and the Meropis Tourism board-he admitted to not having a clue as to the location of the latter. He is also a proud sponsor of Chao Cola, which he advertised during his commentary. (StH: #269, #270)

Background Information

  • Like Breezie the Hedgehog, Wes Weasely originated from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series. Much like Breezie, Wes underwent a fairly drastic redesign in the comics. His original cartoony appearance was much more human-like, while his Archie incarnation matches that of a traditional Mobian Weasel (previously established by Nack).
  • Though not explicitly identified as Wes Weasley in his brief cameo appearance, this is the name commonly associated with him. As such, the name falls under tier 2 canon.

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