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You may be looking for Werehog (Another Time, Another Place) from the Another Time, Another Place Zone.
Sonic the Werehog Appears

Sonic transforms into the Werehog for the first time.

The Werehog is a bestial form that Sonic the Hedgehog transformed into. Sonic gained this ability after accidentally inhaling the purple gas that rose from the cracks in the Earth created by the earthquakes that proceeded The Shattered World Crisis.


Early signs of mutation

Sonic Feels Darkness

Sonic briefly becomes feral after inhaling the gas

During a mission to regather the Knothole Freedom Fighters, Sonic and Tails came to the Wood Zone where Uncle Chuck was in the middle of researching the earthquakes that had recently began occurring across the planet. After showing his nephew samples of a purple gas that had been emitted from the cracks in the earth, another earthquake struck and Sonic had to rescue his uncle from falling into an opened crater. As he dashed back down to retrieve the gas sample, a stray piece of debris smashed a part of the container open, giving Sonic a face full of purple gas. Upon returning to the surface, Sonic briefly displayed feral characteristics, which immediately passed, brushing off his uncle's suggestion of being checked over by a doctor. (StH: #254)

After the Shattered World Crisis had begun, Sonic continued to show brief moments of feral behaviour: during the Knothole Freedom Fighters rescue efforts in Station Square, and again during his battle against E-106 Eta aboard the Egg Train. Uncle Chuck became increasingly concerned for his nephew, after determining through his and Professor Pickle's experiments that the purple gas exhibited mutagenic properties. (StH: #257, #259)

During the battle of Meropis against the Dark Gaia monsters, Sonic nearly drowns while fighting off a Dark Guardian, and while he reached for the nearby air charm, he showed significant signs of transformation. However, the process was halted when the monster threw Rotor towards Sonic and slammed against him, leaving the two unconscious until they were saved by Chaos. (StH: #262, #263)

The Beast Unleashed

Sonic finally underwent the full transformation during a mission to take the grey Chaos Emerald from a Soumerca Egg Army dog site. Egg Boss Thunderbolt used the emerald to lure Sonic, Sally, Amy, Mighty and Ray into a trap where they found themselves stunned by immense electrocution. The stress upon seeing his friends powerless tipped Sonic over the edge and his full Werehog form finally showed itself. He made quick work of the Egg Army forces, but became unbalanced, his state distorting his perception. (StH: #264, #265)

Background Information

  • The Werehog form was originally featured in the game Sonic Unleashed, and previously appeared in the comics via the Another Time, Another Place stories and Off Panel.
  • The Werehog is based on the famous mythical creature the Werewolf.
    • It's been commonly pointed out by fans that the term "Werehog" is not an accurate terminology. The word "Were", as used in the term "Werewolf", is a Latin word meaning "Man", making the term literally "Man-wolf", a man who became a wolf. This would make the literal version of Werehog into "Man-hog", implying that Sonic would've been a man that became a hog of some kind, which obviously is not the case.
  • The conditions met for Sonic to transform appears to differ between the comic and the Sonic Unleashed video game. In the game, Sonic would simply transform after sunset, while the comic seems to imply transformation under extreme stress.
  • Sonic The Werehog made an unofficial appearence in Sonic Universe 29's Off-panel
    , when Scourge said he was sick of being picked around and asked if there any other altered Sonic in the prison the werehog answered his question the he is. He later makes a 2nd appearance in Sonic Universe 32's Off-panel.

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