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Wentos the Traveling Salesman
Wentos the Traveling Salesman
Biographical information


Physical description


  • Hair: Brown
  • Black Suit
  • Black Hat
Political Alignment and Abilities

Wentos the Traveling Salesman is a traveling salesman that is always seen with his Chao puppet.


Wentos was present in the Casino Park lobby when Sonic the Hedgehog and pathe gang arrived to compete in Breezie's Chaos Emerald Championship.(StH: #268)


Background Information

  • Wentos originates from the game Sonic Unleashed where he played a supporting role. His debut in the comic was as a background cameo.
  • Before his debut in the main comic, Wentos was the "host" of a short-lived feature in the Sonic Super Digest series.
    • It is possible that Wentos existed in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave reality. However, it is not yet clear if this is canon.

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