For information on elements from the Sonic Boom games used in the comics, see Archie Sonic Boom.
Sonic profile image

Sonic's current game character design.

The Sonic Video Games are the origin point of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, with all other Sonic media being derived from them to varying degrees.

In the Post-Super Genesis Wave Timeline several games in their original forms are considered canon to the continuity.

The games that are said to have taken place are stated as such in footnotes. Unless constricted in future issues, it shall be assumed the games plotlines played out in the Archieverse identically to how they occurred in their respective games, placing them at Tier 2 Canon of this sites Canon Policy.

Canon Games

The following games have been confirmed to be canon in some form in the Post-Super Genesis Wave timeline:

•Not to be confused with the 48-page special Sonic & Knuckles (S&K)
••Not to be confused with the 48-page special Knuckles' Chaotix (KC)

These games are canon to the Another Time in Another Place zone:

••Not to be confused with the comic series Sonic Universe (SU)

Additionally, in the Sonic Boom Zone, the video game "Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal" is considered canon due to the digital comic created by the Archie Sonic team can be found within the game as a bonus feature and acts as a prequel to said game.

Game Elements

Used in the Comic

Major Characters

Minor Characters

Scrapped Characters


Scrapped Enemies






Scrapped Locations

Background Information

  • Ian Flynn confirmed on his blog that the two Sonic's still visited Spagonia during the events of Sonic Generations despite the events of Sonic Unleashed having not yet happened at that point. According to Flynn, the Spagonia Sonic visited in the game was from his future.

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