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The Veg-O-Fortress was a fortress deep inside the active volcano, Mount Mobius. It was filled with toxic caves and lava pits, robots, and Mobians to be roboticized, along with various pinball themed defence systems. After Robotnik moved his robo operations to the Veg-O-Fortress, Sonic the Hedgehog came to put an end to it. After navigating the various traps, robots and killer plants, Sonic was lured into Level Four: Showdown!, where he was ejected from the fortress via a hidden spring saying "Game Over." (StH: #6)


  • Lava Powerhouse: The Lava Powerhouse is an area filled with railway tracks which you have to use a mining cart to navigate while avoiding the Ferrons.
  • Level 3: The Machine Round: The Machine Round is an area where Robotnik kept all his prisoners to be roboticized along with Hedgehog-eating plants to destroy Sonic.
  • Level Four: Showdown!: Showdown is a small trap made by Robotnik for Sonic. All it had was a monitor for Robotnik to talk to Sonic and a spring to eject the Hedgehog from the fortress.
  • Toxic Caves: The Toxic Caves are the lowest part of the Veg-O-Fortress and are filled with mutated robots like Rexxon and Scorpius, who both were destroyed by Sonic.

Background Information

  • The Veg-O-Fortress is based on the base of the same name from the game the tie-in was based on, Sonic Spinball.

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