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For other versions of Vector the Crocodile, see Vector (disambiguation).

Vector is a version of Vector the Crocodile from the Another Time, Another Place reality, and is a friend and ally of Sonic the Hedgehog. After meeting the blue Hedgehog at some point, Vector would be among the attendees of a surprise birthday party thrown for Sonic, in which his fellow Chaotix members Espio and Charmy also participated. Unfortunately, the guests were all then attacked by a mysterious monster that created a number of portals into which Vector and his friends were drawn. (StH: #230)

Sometime after these events, Vector and his teammates participated in the Olympics, forming a rowing team. Dr. Eggman soon showed his villainous side, with their boat turning into a trap that captured the three heroes. Luckily, Sonic came to their aid, rescuing them and the other competitors after a lengthy competition with Metal Sonic. (StH: #242)

Background Information

  • Like the rest of the Chaotix from Another Time in Another Place, Vector's initial meeting with Sonic has not been depicted in the comics, though presumably the events of Knuckles' Chaotix and Sonic Heroes are considered canon.


Vector is identical to his Mobius Prime counterpart.

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