Vacubot was a robot created by Miles "Tails" Prower of the Knothole Freedom Fighters after he ate the fruit of the Tree of Wisdom. Granted increased intelligence by the fruit, Tails created Vacubot to do housework around Freedom HQ. Unlike other electronic devices, Vacubot was protected from detection by Dr. Robotnik due to being constructed from a special alloy Tails developed. This sensor-proof alloy was also used by Tails to create a medal for himself to mark his position as would-be leader of the Freedom Fighters. The medal later proved instrumental in Sonic's efforts to rescue Tails after the Fox foolishly attempted to defeat Robotnik by himself, only for the temporary effects of the fruit to wear off. (StH: #14)

Background Information

  • Vacubot was never seen following its appearance in StH #14, with no explanation given for its departure.

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