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    October 18, 2016 by Wikification

    I've created a new template that outlines articles that use at least some information from Sonic News Network.

    Admittedly, I've been using info from SNN on some newer articles for a little while due to lack of activity and updates (pretty bad for an admin, I know). SNN appears to have also been doing this for sometime with info from Mobius Encyclopaedia, even when the info not written by users who go to both this wiki and SNN. However, SNN users who come here don't seem to mind having the SNN info used on this wiki (though I have been using External Links to where the info came from as a form of credit), and I've never made an uproar when I see something I wrote on SNN articles. So I've decided to create template and category that shows what …

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    One of the things I'm concerned about with this new parent template tab system is that it will be doubling up on a lot of pages. Not just with character articles but with things like weapons, items, machines, etc. So do you think that maybe we use the older tab thing for those certain articles; ones that have information at is or works virtually the same as in the Pre-SGW timeline, and short articles. While focusing more on characters and some organisations with the parent template tabs.

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