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  • UltimaGamer47

    Comic Slogan

    January 9, 2013 by UltimaGamer47

    Hey, does anyone else know why the comics stopped using the slogan?- "The World's most way past cool comic." I mean, I've only been with the comics for a little while, but I know, from this very site, that they've stopped using that slogan as of late.

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  • UltimaGamer47

    So, for Shadow the Hedgehog, to think that there is an possible future where Shadow, I don't know, goes insane or somethin' or other and conquers the planet Mobius. That's...kind of monstrous to even so much as think about. Right now, he's one of the greatest heroes Mobius has ever seen. Words can't even describe how horrible it is that it's even possible that he could do that... Anyone else agree? If so, whether your answer is yes or no, type yes or no, along with a brief reason why you agree or disagree. That is all for now.

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