I didn't really want to get too deep in the hizzy-tizzy of all this, but I really have to ask if it's necessary to have two pages for most of the DEL/Army branches and locations? There are going to be cases where they don't match up, obviously, and I can understand keeping those separate when they eventually come up. The character pages are more complicated, so I'm not going to stick my nose in that. However, these pages on continents, countries, and organizations are very, very small.

Is it really a good idea to split all this information up instead of just using the current title and starting with "[Insert Location B]/The X Egg Army (formerly [Insert Location A]/the X Dark Egg Legion)" in each article? We'll just end up with a million redirects and confusing crosstalk. Can we just agree to settle on the current names, merge the articles when necessary, and reduce the number of redirects? And if not, please tell me why we've got to segregate this stuff. Thanks

TheDudestofGuys (talk) 18:31, December 20, 2013 (UTC)

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