For a long time now, everyone has been trying to figure out who is this so called "traitor" within the Knothole Freedom Fighters. As far as basic information, Silver the hedgehog said that

1. The traitor is one of the original freedom fighters (Sonic, Sally, Antoine, Rotor, Tails).

2. The traitor is strong enough to destroy or ruin the whole planet.

Now ever since the post-genesis saga began, a few casualties, such as Sally being roboticized, Bunnie's flesh, and Antoine's incident. After reading countless forums and blogs, I've come to a conclusion about how Issue 235 will reveal the traitor.

1. Silver might think Sally (Now Mecha Sally), is the traitor because she has the power to destroy half the planet possibly, and without her free will, she cannot defend herself or explain what's happening, considering how she is a quote: "Accidental Villian".

2. Silver might think Sonic is the traitor because of the first theorey, and Sonic might finally crack and attack Silver for even thinking about hurting Sally.

3. There is NO traitor because Silver's master, Mammoth Mogul is a villian in Sonic's timeline, and he probably lost his powers or his youth to a certain freedom fighter and decides to use Silver as his Pawn of Evil and trick him into killing an innocent mobian for his own benefit.

What do you all think? =)m ctg

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