• STH235SilverLover

    With the recent so-called "reboot" of Archie STH (plus its spin-off series, Archie Sonic Universe), many Archie fans are (naturally) all in a tizzy---especially on the topic of all the characters not originating from the games &/or the SatAM TV show.  And rightfully so, IMO.

    As I'm sure many, if not all of you, are aware, all former chief writer Ken Penders's characters (sans Scourge, or so I've heard) have recently been banned from the comics with the conclusion of Penders's lawsuit case against Archie.  As far as I know, Penders alone created, at the most, about 50 percent of the main non-SEGA/SatAM characters we knew prior to the big Worlds Collide crossover event (see User:MeltingMan234's "List of Banned Characters in the comic" blog on …

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