When I started training, my first surprise wasthat there was something living in the Chaos Emeralds. There are seven of them, each the same color as their Emerald. The blue one, a hedgehog named Sapphire, is the one who always gives me advice, especially when I don't need it. She has the ability to create objects which helps more than you think. The red one, an echidna named Stone(his original name was Ruby, but he thought it was too "girly", so I gave him the name Stone), is a fighting comrade who likes to do thinks his way. He has the ability to demolish anything in his path with the move Chaos Blast. The yellow one, a fox named Strike, is my main engineer. He has the ability to shock anything electronic to be controlled by him. The grey one, a cat named Crystal(her original name is Pearl, but she thought it was "old-lady"ish, so I gave her the name Crystal), is the fashion stylist in the group. She has the ability to disguise herself to everyone except three people, Sonic, me, and the Shadow android. The green one, a hawk named Emerald, is the expert cook who regrets it when we ask him to make us special dishes. He has the ability to instantaniously teleport himself anywhere with the move Chaos Control, a Chaos move easy to do if you are pure-of-heart. The purple one, a hedgehog named Violet, is secretive, and always comes out at anytime. She has the ability to make herself invisible to everyone except me. The orange one, an echidna named Peridot, is the one you never take on a recon mission. He has the ability to run at  the speed of sound. They trained me and gave me everything they knew. I trained for 2 years learning all of Chaos' abilities and my own, like being able to run almost as the speed of light, was able to lift 500 tons above my head, and established a connection to the echidna city. But, my first mistake I ever made happened on a regular day. I was told by Chaos to talk to him that night. He talked to me about his losses in his life. When he allowed me to go, I saw the city was in ruins. I ran down to the Master Emerald shrine and I saw Tikal lifeless on the steps to the shrine. Something in me closed my heart that day. I couldn't allow her death to go unpunished. I eliminated all of the people who attacked the city. I walked Mobius and still didn't feel satisfied. I continued to help people until 51 years ago.

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