I was only 16 when I heard something rustling in the bushes. I snuck around to find out who it was, and I saw it was an echidna. I said,"Whatcha doin' out here be yourself?" She was surprised and said,"I'm sorry. I heard you and I....." I smiled and said,"It's ok. Why are you here?" She said,"I wanted to see what was out here. I just forget how to get back home." I asked her,"Where do you live?" She replied,"In the city with a large temple to Chaos." I told her,"I know where that is. I'll take you back there." She said,"Thank you.....what is your name?" "My name is Shadow. You?",I said. She said,"Tikal." We walked for a few hours until we reached the city. I was impressed by the enormity of it. I looked at the temple and walked towards it. I felt this strong power pulling me in. I walked inside and stared around. It was the best place I saw yet. I said,"Hello? Is anyone in here?" Then, this voice spoke out of nowhere,"Are you Shadow the Hedgehog?" I said,"Yes. Who are you?" Suddenly, this white hedgehog appeared in front of me. "You are the tenth power of Chaos? But you're just a kid...." I was taken aback. "What do mean?" I said,"Am I too good for you?" He looked at me intently. "You are! But how? I said it would be random. You don't look anything like me. I'm white, and you're black with gold stripes. But you have the same characteristics as me, just as I said." I felt satisfied. "So, am I this 'Tenth Piece of Chaos'?"I said. "You are. Will you stay here and train with me and learn the way of Chaos?", he asked. "Sure," I said. And then began my life as Shadow the Hedgehog, Heir of Chaos.

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