Chaos realized that even though he was super powerful, he was affected by hypnosis. He knew he had to separate his power before that happened again. So, he looked through the sacrifices he was given and found 8 emeralds. He used the emeralds to store his power in, but he knew if he put his power in there, the stones would break and that living organisms absorb Chaos energy the best. Thus, he took 7 Mobians and sealed them within the emeralds. The power carved them into the familier shape you see. He then took the last emerald, which was enormous, and put his power in it. He then gave all eight emeralds to the residents of Mystic Ruins and stayed in his temple. He had a dream that night that all the emeralds were stolen and they used him to control them and took over the world. He tried to think of a way to keep all of the power away from them, then one day he had it. He would take one more piece of his power and send it into one Mobian in the future. He never said who, but he did give them a message. "The power of Chaos will take the form of one opposite of I, yet is all too similar. He will be brought here by one of your females. You will accept like your own." Then he disappeared for a long time to come.

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