FANDOM know, forgot to update it. I knew it was here, though!

T, my girl! If you're reading this, then "me has been missing you". Me has also resorted to your style of bad grammer, you monster!! :)

Writing fanfiction is fun, fun, fun. Watching my read count inch at like a count per year is NOT so fun. Watching it up without anyone but T commenting is also not so fun. Bwah.

Um, what else? I'm getting more profiles up soon. I like new characters! The next two to come along are Sarah and Melody. Who are friends. VERY close friends. Anyone getting the picture here? It never states it, that's squicky, but it's highly implied that, well, they're close. VERY VERY VERY close. PLEASE get my meaning.

Anything else? No? Well, no need to listen to me ramble anymore. Even though you're not listening.

KK, Momiji out! --:-)

(I gave my emoticon a nose.)

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