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  • I am A chibi girl
  • Momiji375 know, forgot to update it. I knew it was here, though!

    T, my girl! If you're reading this, then "me has been missing you". Me has also resorted to your style of bad grammer, you monster!! :)

    Writing fanfiction is fun, fun, fun. Watching my read count inch at like a count per year is NOT so fun. Watching it up without anyone but T commenting is also not so fun. Bwah.

    Um, what else? I'm getting more profiles up soon. I like new characters! The next two to come along are Sarah and Melody. Who are friends. VERY close friends. Anyone getting the picture here? It never states it, that's squicky, but it's highly implied that, well, they're close. VERY VERY VERY close. PLEASE get my meaning.

    Anything else? No? Well, no need to listen to me …

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  • Momiji375

    Really, I did! My Internet updating is mad at me...

    Anyway, today I'm chatting about the awsomeness of Netraptor (I would make a crappy talk show host.) Anyway, my account on that is Hannah Hypolita the Hedgehog (don't ask) but the BEST author BY FAR on the site is StarVix, short for Star the Vixen. Check her out - great stories. And for the heck of it, because she needs more reads, also check my best e-buddy T_Striker. (Shameless, shameless.) Sorta like a (only more anonymous and only for Sonic and this isn't even a simile anymore, is it?) All hail Momiji, queen of those who shove their feet in their mouths!

    KK, Momiji out! --:)

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  • Momiji375

    Fanfiction character

    October 19, 2011 by Momiji375

    Hey. I saw that someone needed a fanfic character. This one's for anybody to use.


    Hannah the Hedgehog

    Also known as


    First appearance

    StH 332-Blast to the Past, Part 1; Hedgehog in the House episode






    16 (deceased)

    Color scheme





    • Blue Shirt
    • Orange Vest
    • Blue Jeans
    • Orange Headband
    • White Gloves
    • Wedding dress (once)


    Unnamed uncle Unnamed aunt


    Mechanics, computers, Scourge, Miles (formerly), Jeffery St. Croix (formerly), tuna fish, orange, yellow and the smell of rain


    Miles, Patch, Jim, Fiona, Amy, nature in general, pink, the sun in Central City (no ozone), the demon and the Omega Care Unit (better than her work)


    Mechanical skills possible Chaos-based powers


    When Hannah wa…

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