So if you have no idea what characters have been removed from the comics, here is a list of characters that will no longer be featured in the comics because of the Lawsuit and the alterted Mobius "Sonic's World."

Every Dark Legion character

Pratically almost every Echidna character not originating from the games. *with the exception of Dr. Finitevus.*



Lara-Su *Obviously Penders is busy promoting her in some Star Trek knock off project*


Rob'O, Mari-An and Jon

Saffron and Mello Bee

Elias and Alicia Acorn *Sally's mother and Brother I think.*

Geoffery and Hershey St. John

Drago and the Wolf Pack, minus Lupe

Sleuth Dawg

Nic the Weasel

Harry, Gen Von Stryker and the Dingo's

Valdez, Liza and the Chamelons not originating from the games.

Archamedies and the Fire Ants

Aurora, so much for the Neo Walkers

Hamlin, Arlo, Penelope, Dylan

General D'Coolette

Fiest, Kodos and Uma

Dr. Quack and possibly his family

Jules and Bernette Hedgehog

The Mysterious Cat Clan

Downton Ebony Hare, his Bodygaurd and Foxxy

So there ya have it. So in this new Mobius "Sonic's World," Knuckles and Sonic are now orphans, Amy has no cousin, Sally has no brother or mother, Nack never had a sister, Charmy was never a prince, etc. Let me know if I missed anyone, we should at least have a category section of characters that will no longer appear in the comics anymore.

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