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    Recently I've discovered over at the Sonic Wikia that pages for Issues 291 and 292 of the main series and issues 95-97 from Sonic Universe have started to surface. As well as revealing characters that were going to be introduced like Cortez and Null. And they're very interesting, some inked, and most of them are drawn or roughly sketched. sure there's no script or word bubbles but it's nice to see some visuals on what these stories were going to be. So... are we going to add any of that info onto this wiki? Like have those issues be their own thing again but still mark them in the Unreleased category? Or are we just going to leave all that stuff exclusive to Sonic Wikia? Just asking.

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  • MeltingMan234

    So recently Ian Flynn confirmed that Mighty and Ray will return in the new timeline in the future, but for what purpose? Seeing them back in action or just making cameo's? Oh well, at least they're still making good use of sonic characters SEGA doesn't use anymore.

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    More Banned Characters?

    December 27, 2013 by MeltingMan234

    Well I've recently heard from some source aka bumbleking fourms that someone asked about Hope Kintobor being absent in the Shadow Fall arc or Shadow the Hedgehog 2. lol Well apperantly one of the workers stated that they aren't taking the risk to use characters that were not made by SEGA, Satam or Ian Flynn, unless ya want to go through another conplicated lawsuit again, course that all depends if the former writers still care about them. So who knows if they'll some how track down previous writers/creators just to continue using specific characters. And who knows where these former writers are now, but at least they're not helping Penders make his Star Trek Knock Off Project, as far as I know. So what's going to happen now? Will certian c…

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    This was something I always wonder about with the new timeline with the freedom fighters regaining thier memoires from the old timeline. So after that, what's going to become of those memories? They have no use, as far as I know, within this new altered universe cause of how drastic things have changed. It's like if I lived in a universe where people eat toast butter side up, then after someone altered the universe, people now eat toast butter side down, I would have no purpose of eating it butter side up cause of how the rules have changed. Also, are they just going to stay as vague references to the old timeline or will it all just fade away into obbscurity and never mention the old timeline again? Antoine and Bunnie aren't married yet a…

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    So if you have no idea what characters have been removed from the comics, here is a list of characters that will no longer be featured in the comics because of the Lawsuit and the alterted Mobius "Sonic's World."

    Every Dark Legion character

    Pratically almost every Echidna character not originating from the games. *with the exception of Dr. Finitevus.*



    Lara-Su *Obviously Penders is busy promoting her in some Star Trek knock off project*


    Rob'O, Mari-An and Jon

    Saffron and Mello Bee

    Elias and Alicia Acorn *Sally's mother and Brother I think.*

    Geoffery and Hershey St. John

    Drago and the Wolf Pack, minus Lupe

    Sleuth Dawg

    Nic the Weasel

    Harry, Gen Von Stryker and the Dingo's

    Valdez, Liza and the Chamelons not originating from the games.


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