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    Interview Blog

    November 29, 2011 by LadyFox159

    Hi readers!

    When you are reading my blog, you are reading interviews from people in Sonic Comics! Cool, huh? Also here, they confess their true feelings to me.

    Here's the first one, in this case it's Fiona Fox:

    Me: Hi Fiona!

    Fiona: Hey.

    Me: I was wondering, what made you slap Tails? He really liked you!

    Fiona: Wha..? I didn't know he really liked me!

    Me: Yep. He was crazy for you!

    Fiona: Oh, man! I gotta say sorry to him! Bye!

    Me: No, Wait..! Aw, crud! She left already! I guess that ends this interview! Bye!

    Next is Bunnie, she's been going through a lot lately, so i sat down with her for a talk.

    Me: Hi Bunnie!

    Bunnie: Hi there, sugah!

    Me: I heard you've been going through a lot of trauma lately, what exactly has happened lately?

    Bunnie: Well, first, Sa…

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