Who would have guessed I got into Sonic Comics with Mega Man?

As a kid, my only experiences with Sonic were the Olymipic Games with Mario, the Sonic and Sega games, and Sonic Colors. This fact still stands, but that is not the point.

One day, looking through Barnes and Noble, I saw Issue 250 of the Sonic Comic. I thought, "Hey! This is Sonic! With that guy announced in the New Smash Bros!"

Yes. I really was that dumb. I bought the comic cause I wanted to learn about Mega Man. I soon found comic after comic of adventure.

I really read the Shattered World Crisis, but I loved the freedom fighters so much. This is why I ship Sonic and Sally, but I don't want to start a shipping War. 

The comics were late at times, but it was fine. But Sonic #291 never came. I didn't worry until 3 months later, after it's original launch of January. I read on Sonic News Network that this was removed from the Website.

Apparently, I soon learned the comics were canceled. Being the only way I really bonded with Sonic (you know, till Sonic Forces), I was heartbroken. The theory of Archie Sonic is long gone. I will remember these years of Sonic Comics forever. Please Sonic, keep on running.



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