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Unnamed Metal Sonic

The first mechanized protector of Kintopolis.

This unnamed, robotic Sonic lookalike was a massive robot created by Mayor Kintobor of Kintopolis in an alternate dimension. It was designed with half of a giant Chaos Emerald (retrieved from Knothole Island) in its chest, which is, according to Mayor Kintobor, the only force strong enough to power the automaton. Mayor Kintobor said that it was the city's first mechanized protector; that is, a protector from the giant, mutated, feral versions of the Knothole Freedom Fighters in this dimension who had been exposed to the emerald's radiation. Mayor Kintobor created the robot in the image of Sonic Prime, who had helped to recover the Chaos Emerald fragment, but before he could ask Sonic for his name to use as the name of the robot, Sonic had left the dimension with the aid of Zonic. (SSS: #12)

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