Charles Hedgehog
First Appearance

Sonic Super Special #10

Biographical information
  • Uncle Chuck
  • Chuck


Physical description


  • Fur: Blue
  • Eyes: Black
  • Red and gold sneakers
  • White Gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • High Intelligence
  • Technical Expertise
  • World-Class Tactician

Charles Hedgehog, (Uncle Chuck or Underground Uncle Chuck) is the version of Uncle Chuck from the Sonic Underground dimension. Much like his Prime Zone counterpart, he is the caring and beloved uncle of Sonic the Hedgehog and was captured by Dr. Robotnik and roboticized; fueling Sonic’s hate for Robotnik and one of the many reasons he became a resistance member against the tyrant. He was also known as a top-notch inventor.


Raising Sonic and Roboticization

Charles Hedgehog was the brother (or brother-in-law) of the kindly monarch, Queen Aleena. When Dr. Robotnik seized power of Mobotropolis and converted it into the smoggy city of Robotropolis, the queen and her children were forced into hiding. The Oracle of Delphius appeared before her telling her that she would have to separate from Sonic, Sonia, and Manic to ensure their safety. Sonic was taken in by Uncle Chuck and the two formed a strong bond. During Sonic’s time with his uncle, his fondness for electric guitar and chilidogs grew. Yet this would all come to a crashing halt when Dr. Robotnik captured Uncle Chuck as well as Sonia and Manic’s guardians and had them roboticized. Sonic and his siblings then formed a resistance group together to help free them and locate their missing mother no matter what the cost. (SSS: #10)

Background Information

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