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Twinkle Park is a theme park located in Station Square. It has an outer-space theme.


Sonic the Hedgehog and at least two of his friends ventured through the park during the time Doctor Eggman was attempting to power up the water beast Chaos. Amy Rose was chased through the park by the robot ZERO in pursuit of her Flicky friend. Sonic attempted to rescue her from the bot but ended up being separated from her. At another point, Big the Cat came to the park in search of his buddy Froggy. (VG: SA/SADX)

Twinkle Park Flooded

Twinkle Park during the crisis.

When the city was heavily hit by The Shattered World Crisis, several unlucky visitors to the park became trapped inside by the floods, before being rescued by the Knothole Freedom Fighters. (StH: #257)

Versions in Other Realities

Twinkle Park also existed in the Sonic X Zone. On Valentine's Day, Amy dragged Sonic there as part of their special date, being attracted by the "Cute couples get in free" policy. (SX: #16)

Park Attractions

Twinkle Circuit

A race track that is one of the parks many attractions.

Background Information

  • Twinkle Park originated as an action stage from the game Sonic Adventure.