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Tusk Luza was a Mobian warthog and local rabble-rouser from Mobotropolis. Luza was actually the first person to use the term "Robian" as a description for someone who was roboticized. After the city was retaken at the end of the First Robotnik War, he lead an angry mob in cornering Fanny Dupin who had been seen sneaking around one of Dr. Ivo Robotnik's factories. Suspicious of her actions, he accused her and all other Robians of just acting like they had their free will restored while secretly still working for the recently deceased dictator. After an intervention by Sir Charles Hedgehog, Tusk and those with him sought out Princess Sally to resolve the issue, but found themselves in an audience with the still-ailing King Maximillian instead. Despite his misgivings about the Robians, even Tusk was taken aback when the King suddenly ordered the immediate dismantling of all roboticized citizens. (StH: #55)

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