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For the version of Titan Metal Sonic that was a transformation of Metal Sonic and was not created as a separate entity, see Titan Metal Sonic (Transformation).

Titan Metal Sonic
Biographical information

Dr. Eggman


Robotic Duplicate


Project "Titan"

Physical description

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Colour: Red
  • Eyes: Red/Black
  • Armor Plated Spines
  • Claws
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Super strength
Notable Super Forms
  • N/A

Titan Metal Sonic was a giant red robot version of Sonic the Hedgehog. There are two known incarnations of Titan Metal Sonic. The first one was known as Project "Titan" and was unleashed on New Mobotropolis. The second was fused with the Krudzu and used to delay Team Fighters' journey to Albion.


Project "Titan"

Titan Metal Sonic Appears

Titan Metal Sonic appears.

The first Titan Metal Sonic was produced by 3237 and seemed to have a more hefty design than the transformation undergone by Metal Sonic v2.0. It was unleashed by Dr. Eggman from the Death Egg Mark 2 as a distraction along with Project "Deadly Cuddles". Known as Project "Titan", it almost destroyed New Mobotropolis, but was defeated by Ixis Naugus when he used his Ixis Magicks to turn the robot into a Crystal Golem. Naugus then used the Golem to block a blast from the Death Egg Mark 2's Egg Annihilator Beam, destroying the robot in the process. (StH: #231)

Under Krudzu Control

See Krudzu Hybrid Hydra.
Titan Metal Sonic Krudzu

The Titan Metal Sonic possessed by the Krudzu.

During Snively's escape from the Death Egg II, a Titan Metal Sonic was seen in production with only its head completed. This new version of Titan Metal Sonic was later completed by Eggman, though it was missing a power core. When Eggman was being chased down by Team Fighters, he attached the Krudzu to Titan Metal Sonic, creating a fusion of the two. Eggman then sent Titan Metal Sonic to combat Team Fighters. It was defeated when missiles fired by the Tornado were guided by Sonic into the robot; the resulting explosion destroyed Titan Metal Sonic and it fell into the ocean, though the Krudzu managed to survive by latching onto a Crabmeat. (StH: #241, #244, #245; SU: #37)


Titan Metal Sonic is an enormous robot that resembles Sonic the Hedgehog and Metal Sonic. It is red and grey/silver in color and possesses shard claws and teeth.

When possessed by the Krudzu, its Krudzu vines could be seen growing all around the large robot.


A gigantic attack robot, Titan Metal Sonic does nott appear to have any real personality: its sole purpose is to serve Dr. Eggman and destroy his enemies.

When possessed by the Krudzu, its personality fully takes over. Having been created by Dr. Robotnik to destroy Sonic, the Krudzu is obsessed with eliminating the Hedgehog. It is cold and sadistic and delights in causing Sonic and his allies pain. It is also single-mindedly loyal to Dr. Eggman, in spite of-or perhaps in ignorance of-the doctor's previous attempt to completely destroy it.


The only ability that Titan Metal Sonic seems to possess is super strength. Being a large attack robot, it causes mass destruction with ease.

Background Information

  • Titan Metal Sonic is based off of Metal Sonic Kai from Knuckles' Chaotix. While it was featured in the original comic continuity as a transformation of Metal Sonic, Knuckles' Chaotix never made it clear whether or not Metal Sonic transformed into it or whether Metal Sonic Kai was a separate robot.

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