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The Time Stones are seven hexagonal artifacts hosted by Little Planet. Their colors are blue, green, cyan, orange, purple, yellow, and red. Collecting all seven is rumored to grant the power to reshape time itself.


The Time Stones were sought by Dr. Eggman during his attempt to conquer the Little Planet, and he also sought to use their power to conquer Sonic's World. However, he was thwarted in his efforts by Sonic the Hedgehog, which allowed the Little Planet to time travel as usual and disappear from above Sonic's World. (StH: #290, VG: SCD)

Background Information

  • The Time Stones made their debut in the Sonic series in the video game Sonic CD.

Status/Location of the Time Stones

  • The locations of the Time Stones are as follows:
Color Status/Location
  • Whereabouts currently unknown
  • Whereabouts currently unknown
  • Whereabouts currently unknown
  • Whereabouts currently unknown
  • Whereabouts currently unknown
  • Whereabouts currently unknown
  • Whereabouts currently unknown

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