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This is the article on the Time Eater from Another Time, Another Place. You may be looking for the Time Eater from Mobius.
Time Eater ATAP

The Time Eater

The Time Eater (Another Time, Another Place) was a mysterious monster with the ability to warp time.


The beast suddenly appeared to crash Sonic's birthday party, kidnapping his friends and scattering them across time. Finding himself in a white void, Sonic sets out to save his friends and undo the damage done by the monster. (StH: #230)

Background Information

  • According to Ian Flynn on the Bumbleking forums, he believes that SEGA implied that the Time Eater was the leftover matter of Mephiles, as such he stated that the Time Eater is an alternate state of Mephiles in the Archie comic that "slipped through a crack in time". This could explain its purple aura and similar ability to travel through time.

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