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Thorny is a Needle Bird— a bird/porcupine-hybrid creature— whom Sonic discovered in the Great Forest. Found with an injured wing, Thorny was taken back to Knothole by Sonic, only for Princess Sally to demand that she be removed for fear that she might be part of a Robotnik scheme. Despite this and an apparent wing injury, Thorny came to the aid of Sonic and Sally against one of Dr. Robotnik's robots, which had been disguised as a tree. After helping Sonic defeat the robot, Thorny laid an egg on Robotnik and drove him off with multiple needles. Thorny was thus named an honorary Freedom Fighter by Sonic and Sally. (StH: #9)

Background Information

  • Although Thorny is a Freedom Fighter, the character would never be seen again with the exception of a cameo in StH: #57

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