Thorn the Lop
First Appearance

Sonic Universe #46

Biographical information

Mobian/Rabbit (Lop)

Physical description


  • Fur: Beige
  • Ears: Black
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Green and purple dress
  • Purple cape
  • Brown shoes
  • Earrings
  • Brown belt
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Basic combat
  • Spear expertise

Thorn the Lop is a Mobian Rabbit and member of the Avalon Freedom Fighters based in Avalon.

History (Pre-Super Genesis Wave)

Freedom Fighter

Originating from the Mercian Highlands, Thorn became a member of the Crazy Kritter Freedom Fighters, under the leadership of Rob o' the Hedge. She and her teammates came to the aid of three members of the Chaotix when the trio came to Mercia looking for their missing teammates, Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel. Stumbling upon their guests locked in battle with the Mercia Dark Egg Legion, Thorn and the others joined in the fight, the Lop hitting a Legionnaire with a leaping kick after he had been warned to surrender by Friar Buck. With their foes defeated, the two groups exchanged introductions and stories, with Thorn and her teammates revealing that they had encountered Mighty and Ray. As Bow Sparrow explained-partly in song, which Thorn attempted to discourage given the concern of the Chaotix-the pair had come to Mercia, and had briefly aided the Freedom Fighters before heading off to infiltrate Snottingham Castle. By the end, all members of both groups had joined in the song except for Thorn, Munch the Rat, and an exasperated Espio, whom Thorn consoled despite her own amusement at the display.

Learning that Mighty and Ray had apparently disappeared, Thorn and her teammates feared the worst, and welcomed the support of Vector and the others in raiding the castle to rescue them and other prisoners taken by Mordred Hood. After learning about their knowledge of a secret passage into the castle, Espio questioned why they hadn't done this previously, and Thorn explained that they had lacked the numbers to eliminate Hood and rescue all of his Legionized victims. The expanded team set out, subduing the guards outside the castle and making their way in, unaware that their means of entry was known to Lord Hood. (SU: #46, #47)

Reaching a junction in the tunnels, the group split up, only for spring-loaded bars to come down in the passageways. Realizing that they had been discovered, the two teams modified their plan: the Chaotix continued on their original route, causing as much of a disturbance as possible. Thorn and her comrades, in the meantime, made their way to the dungeons, and freed Lord Hood's prisoners. Unfortunately, Lord Hood soon arrived to interrupt them, and one of his men seized the Warp Ring that they had borrowed from the Chaotix to travel to the dungeon. However, Thorn managed to catch the ring on her spear point as the Legionnaire tossed it to Lord Hood. She and her teammates engaged the Legion, only to be struck by Hood's hypnotic powers. Luckily, Vector and Charmy arrived just in time to help, knocking Hood unconscious and leading Thorn and the others out. The groups and their freed friends then returned to Hideaway, where they celebrated their victory. (SU: #47)


Thorn is a determined fighter, but is also polite, particularly when addressing her teammates. She is somewhat more reserved and serious than the rest of the group, and is usually the one to try to keep the others in line, though she readily admits defeat when her friends burst into song. As a Highlander, she speaks with a slight Scottish accent.

Background Information

  • Thorn is one of the only Rabbits featured in the series not to be identified as a generic Rabbit.
  • According to the Off Panel for SU #47, Thorn plays the flute.
  • As fans theorized that Bow Sparrow was a last minute replacement for Rob'O the Hedge in his debut appearance, it was also believed that Thorn, who debuted alongside him, was likewise a last-minute replacement for Rob's wife Mari-An, due to the latter's status as a Ken Penders character.


Thorn has beige fur with the exception of her ears and eyelids, which are black. She wears a gold hoop earring in each ear, and a pair of brown shoes. She wears a green and purple dress belted at her waist with a brown belt, with a purple cape/sash adorned with gold rings. Her weapon of choice is a spear.

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