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Not to be confused with Void, a resident on Maginary World.

The Void was a pocket Zone adjacent to Mobius, which Dr. Robotnik intended to use as a prison for the Knothole Freedom Fighters. During his initial attempt to transport Sir Charles Hedgehog there, he ended up teleporting himself there instead. His nephew Snively would subsequently attempt to put the Void to the use for which Robotnik had intended it, as a prison for his foes, only to be defeated by a liberated Sir Charles and the other Freedom Fighters and have his uncle released. Later it would be revealed that Robotnik claimed to have imprisoned Maximillian Acorn in the Void, while in fact the King was located in the Zone of Silence, which the Freedom Fighters deduced was an attempt to confuse them. It is unknown whether Sonic was referring to that same zone or to the Void when he told Hope Kintobor the story of how Robotnik had banished the Original Freedom Fighters there. Ixis Naugus would later claim to have merged the Void with the Zone of Silence, the united zone eventually becoming the Special Zone under the rule of Feist. As a result of being preoccupied by this task, Naugus neglected his apprentice Geoffrey St. John, who for a time forsook his master in favor of building a life for himself as a result. (StH: #30, #36, #143, #163, #170, #233)

Background Information

  • The Void first appeared in the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series (aka SatAM) as the dimension in which King Acorn, Ixis Naugus, and the Freedom Fighter Ari became trapped as a result of the machinations of Dr. Robotnik. However, many of the Void's characteristics from the TV show were applied to the Zone of Silence in the comics, while the Void was dismissed as a pocket dimension named as King Acorn's prison to deceive the Freedom Fighters. The later merger of the pair removed the Void as a plot element, and of course the fused zone was later renamed the Special Zone.

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