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You may be looking for the member of Metropolis Egg Army: The Foreman (Metropolis)

The Foreman
First Appearance

Sonic Universe #37

Biographical information
  • Grandmaster of the Nerb Dark Egg Legion


Physical description


  • Skin: Green
  • Claw Crane
  • Traditional Nerb Costume
  • Overalls
  • Red Cape
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Super Strength

The Foreman is the Grandmaster of the Nerb Dark Egg Legion chapter.



The Foreman rose to power after the Nerbs were conquered by the Eggman Empire and the former Nerb King disappeared. After Snively told the Dark Egg Legion that Dr. Eggman was dead, The Foreman told his chapter that he didn't care and they had to continue to work. He was then teleported to the Death Egg to be debriefed by the still living Eggman along with all the other Grandmasters before being sent back. (SU: #37, CSE)


The Foreman is a cruel taskmaster who is constantly driving those under his command. He also seems to care little as to whether or not Eggman rules, so long as he can continue keeping his Legion working.

Background Information

  • The Foreman is clearly a tribute to Dr. Ivo Robotnik, the predecessor to Dr. Eggman. Like the doctor he is fat, has a mechanical arm, and wears a long cape. His role as oppressor to the Nerbs also mirrors Robotnik's tyranny over Mobotropolis.
  • The Foreman and Diesel are two Dark Egg Legion Grandmasters who only ever appeared once.


The Foreman is a fat Nerb who wears the traditional Nerb costume along with overalls and a red cape. Due to his legionization his left arm has been replaced with a claw crane.

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