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After an incredible 24 year run, Archie Comics Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series is now sadly a thing of the past. But Sonic’s advenures in the medium of comics is still going strong. For information partaining to the current Sonic comic book series by IDW Publishing and its own continuity-completely separate from that of the Archie run-please visit our sister site: IDW Sonic Hub

Mobius Encyclopedia will continue to remain as complete as possible on all information partaining to the Archie Sonic continuity released up to its end.

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Brotherhood of Guardians


The Brotherhood of Guardians (or Brotherhood of Haven) was a secret group of older Guardians who protected Angel Island and other parts of Mobius. Operating from their secret facility Haven, the groups' primary aim was to protect Echidna interests on the global scale, while the present Guardian protected Angel Island and the Chaos Emerald. Generations of Guardians managed to fend off numerous invasion attempts by the Dark Legion, each time returning them to their imprisonment in the Twilight Zone. After Sonic the Hedgehog was sent off world by the Xorda's Quantum Dial, the Brotherhood found themselves defending the Master Emerald from a major assault by the Eggman Empire. Although they successfully defended the emerald, they were captured in their weakened state and secretly studied by Dr. Finitevus. Following his studies, Finitevus dumped the surviving Brotherhood members (except Locke) into the Twilight Zone, leaving Locke and Knuckles as the sole Guardians of their people. Later Locke perished while breaking a hex on the Master Emerald, leaving Knuckles the last active Guardian and the Brotherhood inactive.

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Sonic the Hedgehog #75

Sonic Issue 75 Cover

"I Am the Eggman":Dr. Robotnik is back -- and he's carrying a whole new bag of tricks and surprises. For starters, he's imprisoned Sonic and The Freedom Fighters and he intends to roboticize them!

Featuring the debut of the modern day Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, and the beginning of the Second Robotnik War, as the road to the bold new Sonic Adventure era continues!

Knuckles the Echidna #28


"The First Date: Part 3 of 3": Now that Knuckles has asked Julie-Su on a date, he realizes that an even greater problem exists: What will they do on a date? He becomes so absorbed with his dilemma, he completely forgets about his upcoming 16th birthday!Also the conclusion to the Mighty solo story "Below The Belt", as Ray's fate is finally revealed.

Sonic Super Special #10


"Some Enchantra Evening: Part 2 of 2": From a story that begins in Sabrina The Teenage Witch #28: Sonic has been mind-controlled by a witch known as The Enchantress. With revenge in mind, she plucks Sonic out of his world and drops him into Sabrina's town of Westbridge to wreak unspeakable havoc. But don't fret, Princess Sally follows him through the portal to team-up with Sabrina and try to reverse the harm. Or is it too late? Plus: in "Zone Wars: A Tale of Two Hedgehogs", Evil Sonic is back on the loose again as he collects all the pieces of the Giant Borg from different dimensional Sonics. Our Sonic heads him off at the past in an alternate zone where he teams up with the characters from Sonic Underground.

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