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Tex the Lizard
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #62

Final Appearance

Sonic Universe #49

Biographical information
  • Mobian/Lizard
Physical description
  • Male
  • Scales: Green and yellow
  • Eyes: White/yellow
  • Tan vest
  • Tan gloves
  • Belt
  • Necklace
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Basic combat
  • Spine Dash
  • Strength

Tex the Lizard was a Mobian lizard and member of the Freedom Fighter group known as the Sand-Blasters based out of Sand Blast City.


Encounters with Sonic, Tails and Bunnie

When Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower first arrived in Sand Blast City, the hedgehog found himself the object of hero worship. However, it turned out that the leader of the Sand Blasters, Jack Rabbit, planned to force Sonic to stay in the city as its protector against the Robian hoard beyond the city's force field dome. Tex was among the group who covered up the pair's biplane under the pretense of needing to do maintenance on it. However, not wanting to be kept against their will, Sonic and Tails were forced to make a break for it. Tex was among the group attempting to recapture (but not harm) the two. Despite this, Sonic destroyed the force field generator, and he and Tails escaped. The Sand Blasters were left to fend off the Robians themselves. Later, the Sand Blasters attempted to avenge themselves by luring Sonic into a trap; however, they caught Bunnie "Rabbot" D'Coolette instead. They decided that Sonic would have to come looking for her eventually and set the recaptured Robians upon her; however, she fought her way free, leaving the group to be once again attacked by the Robians. (StH: #62, #63, #119)

Fighting the Dark Egg Legion

By 3237, the Robians of the region had all been returned to normal; however, they later joined the Dark Egg Legion, becoming a local chapter at odds with the Sand Blasters. One day, Sonic the Hedgehog suddenly burst into the city, accusing the Sand Blasters of having attacked Bunnie. Regarding Sonic as a traitor, the Sand Blasters attacked him; however, they were largely outclassed. Tex managed to stop the hedgehog with a spindash-like attack, earning thanks from Jack who then confronted Sonic. Sonic continued to accuse the group of attacking Bunnie, which Jack denied. Eventually, it was determined that Bunnie had run afoul of one of Avery's EMP Beacons and had been captured by the Dark Egg Legion; because Jolt blurted out such details without Jack's permission, Tex was ordered to punch the roadrunner for his lack of discipline. Jack offered to help Sonic rescue Bunnie if the hedgehog, in turn, helped the Sand Blasters take over the Oil Ocean Refinery guarded by the Legion. Sonic eventually agreed, and Tex tagged along as Jack led him further into the city to better explain their current situation. The next morning, the group set out for the refinery, Tex riding in a vehicle with Jolt. (StH: #217)

Upon arriving at the refinery, Sonic left the group and appeared to have begun fighting Bunnie within the complex. As they didn't especially like the two, the Sand Blasters were happy to sit back and watch the fight. Grinning, Tex watched the battle through binoculars until Jack realized that the fight was a ruse; Bunnie and Sonic were purposefully attempting to destroy as much of the refinery as possible. Tex scrambled back to his jeep when Jack announced it was time to move in. The Legion approached at the same time, and a huge fight broke out; eventually, Tex caught Sonic with his own spiked spindash, but before he could do anything else, he was sent flying by a punch courtesy of Bunnie's robotic arm. Once the refinery was damaged beyond use, Tex fled with the other Sand Blasters. (StH: #218)

Along with his teammates, Tex subsequently appeared to challenge the arrival of several members of the Chaotix: Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, and Charmy Bee. Tex squared off with Vector, impressing the Crocodile with his strength, but their battle reached an end after Jack leveled a gun at Vector's head and demanded his surrender. The Sand-Blasters then escorted their captives into the city, where they met two Chaotix members who had recently joined their ranks: Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel. Later, after meeting the Legion for a prisoner exchange resulting from Mighty's "capture" and discovering the Chaotix's deception, they engaged the heroes in battle. Tex briefly engaged Espio, but was downed by Vector even as the Crocodile was being attacked by a Legionnaire. Whatever his ferocity, Tex fled with his teammates when Mighty went on a berserk rampage, forcing the Sand-Blasters to retreat. (SU: #47, #48, #49)


Despite not speaking, Tex comes off as a somewhat cruel and rough, seemingly confident in himself. He's quite loyal to Jack, being one of the more reliable members of the team. This is fortunate, as Tex's cold and distant manner has even his leader unnerved, and Tex is one of the few members of the team whom the others don't dare to bully around.


Tex is a green-and-yellow lizard with a rough, scaly appearance. His appearance has generally been more consistent than some of the other Sand Blasters, though it was later more refined. His hands and feet are thick and clawed; his eyes are blank, usually coloured white or yellow. Early on he wore a torn open yellow shirt and a red belt. Later on, he wears a ripped tan vest, tan gloves and a belt adorned with pouches. His feet are wrapped in white bandages and he wears three white fangs strung as a necklace.



Tex spinedashes Sonic.

While lacking Sonic's speed, Tex is capable of a maneuver similar to the hedgehog's Spin Dash, known as the Spine Dash. There has yet to be an effective counter to this attack, partly because of Tex's protective ridged hide. He serves as the muscle for the Sand-Blasters, and his strength is apparently comparable to that of Vector.

Background information

  • Like all the Sand-Blasters except Jack, Tex was not given a name until issue #217.
  • Both Tex and Avery the Bear are named after the cartoonist Tex Avery of Looney Tunes fame.

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