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You may be looking for the Team Dark of Mobius.

Team Dark was a paramilitary organization aligned with G.U.N. on the world of Dark Mobius. Consisting of seven members, this group participated in a massive strike against the villainous Dark Enerjak under the command of Abraham Tower. Team Dark was charged with infiltrating Angel Island and claiming their world's Master Emerald. However, after annihilating a massive G.U.N. naval and air force sent against him, Enerjak engaged the members of Team Dark, who were never heard from again. ((ASUB)

Background Information

  • The members of this version of Team Dark were never identified; all that is known is that there were seven of them. Assuming that the core membership is identical with the team from Sonic Heroes, Shadow and Rouge had their Cores extracted and used to create Prelates when Enerjak engaged Silver the Hedgehog and the Dark Freedom Fighters. If E-123 Omega had a counterpart on this team, he was presumably destroyed since he would not possess a life force that Enerjak could turn into a Core and thus into a Prelate.

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