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Tails X
Miles "Tails" Prower
First Appearance

Sonic X #1

Biographical information


  • Tails


Physical description


  • Fur: Orange
  • Eyes: Light Blue
  • Red and White Sneaker Shoes
  • White Gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Flight
  • Genius-Level Intellect
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat Skills
  • Advanced Computer Programming and Hacking Skills
  • Skilled Inventor and Mechanic
  • Skilled Pilot

Miles "Tails" Prower is an alternate version of Tails of Mobius Prime. He was transported from his world to the human world using Chaos Control. Along with Sonic and the rest of his friend, he would regularly help to thwart the evil schemes of Doctor Eggman.


Early Adventures

Tails' adventures began when Ben-728 Packratbot, which was being controlled by Dr. Eggman, attempted to rob a bank. Tails and Amy fought against it, but were overpowered until Sonic joined the fight. He would be struck in the battle as he was searching for a Power Ring for Sonic, causing multiple Power Rings to scatter on the ground. Eggman used this chance to grab some of the Power Rings and fled as Sonic destroyed the robot. A week later, Tails would join Sonic on his mission given to him by the President to find a Chaos Emerald in Captain Seamus "Red Eye" Macguffin's sunken ship. Eggman would use the Power Rings that Tails dropped to power his Dragonbots and sent them underwater, where they fought against Sonic, Rouge, Topaz and later Knuckles. After the battle, they discovered that there were no Chaos Emeralds and Tails wondered how Sonic was able to fight the robots underwater. (SX#1#2)

Another week later, Tails would join Sonic, Tails, Amy and Chris' class on a field trip to Station Square Space Museum, until they were ambushed by Eggman's robots. As Tails and Amy were fighting against them, Eggman activated Chris, Topaz, Sam Speed, the President and Mr. Stuart and trapped them inside the machines. Sonic arrived to fight with them, none of them realising that they were trapped until Rouge alerted them off this. As Knuckles, Chuck, Cream and Cheese arrived to help, Sonic told Tails about a device Eggman was holding and to take it off him. As he was about to accomplish this, he was grabbed by the robot with the President, but rescued by Cheese. With Chris and the President restored, Tails managed to grab and helped everyone else break free. Eggman made a hefty escape while the heroes celebrated their victory. (SX: #3#4)

Chao Crisis

After Sonic had saved a spotted owl in a forest fire, Eggman began selling evil clones of Cheese to the citizens of Station Square. Within a week, Tails suspected that Eggman was up to something and that he may had found a way back to their world. All of their suspicions were proven true when Eggman activated the evil Chao and they began to reek havoc in Station Square. It wasn't until Knuckles, Tikal, Chaos and her army of Chao joined the fight that they were able to save the citizens from the evil Chao. Chuck eventually managed to create a device to stop Eggman's signal and Sonic used it to transform the Chao back to normal. With Eggman defeated, Tikal waved goodbye to them as her, Chaos and all of the Chao, except Cheese, went back to the Master Emerald. (SX: #5SX: #6)

Trouble in Paris

After Chris' birthday party in Paris, Nelson Thorndyke was going to show his company's creation: a space shuttle. Once the space shuttle was shown, giant robots appeared and began attacking the crowd, being controlled by Eggman. As Tails worked with the others to defeat the robots, Eggman fled into a house of mirrors to which they followed him. Another robot stomped through the roof of the building, which caused Tails to become trapped in rubble. He was saved by Amy and helped free the others who were trapped while Sonic fought the robot. However Eggman went off with the shuttle but Nelson assured them that he would build another one for them to go into space. (SX#8#9)

Eggman's Virtual Scheme

Later, Tails would greet the Chaotix on their arrival on Earth when the entire Chaotix Detective Agency disappeared. Excited with the event, Tails wanted to take some findings. He would be captured by Eggman and placed into virtual reality with Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge, Cream, Cheese and Vanilla. He was stuck in the world in Star Light Zone trapped by a fan. Sonic, Amy, Knuckles and Roue would save him and continued through the virtual reality world eventually meeting up with the others. They were saved by Chris and Chuck before they were sent to the moon via Eggman's old base and left as the base exploded. (SX: #10#11)

Thrown in Prison

Tails worked on upgrading his plane with Chuck when Agents Cheung and Devine from G.U.N. arrived. They took him to their headquarters and was shown an alien craft by Captain Westwood. He lied to him that the President requested his help to fix the machine, and that he found the machine by himself. They managed to activate the machine, but is quickly went haywire and began creating havoc in Station Square. Sonic, working with Sam Speed, managed to bring the machine down, but were shocked to find them inside. After this, they went to a private island were Chris and Cream were having trouble and needed their help to save their mothers, which Sonic managed to accomplish. (SX: #7#12#13#14)


Tails accompanied his friends to a laboratory, where Chuck's old friend Pell had discovered Rubinite to power his device. Unfortunately, Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe invaded inside powerful robots and were hit by the device with Sonic and Tails. They shrunk in size and Sonic and Tails worked together to escape, crashing into a toy store. They were separated and Tails hit inside a doll's house, where he found a toy car to catch up with Sonic. They found each other, but were about to be attacked by Eggman's forces when Pell managed to return them back to normal. (SX: #21)

He would later appear with Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Chuck and Chris on television to show off their skills to Station Square. He ran the obstacle course, showing off his flying abilities while Sonic was trying to take the attention away from them. After they had showed off their skills, it was downloaded into Eggman's robot and sent to attack them. Tails tried to fight the robot by himself, but all of them eventually worked together. They managed to stop the robot and Sonic apologized for trying to hog the attention. (SX: 24)

Eggman's Environment Project

Eggman would unleash his new line of Green bots to attack Station Square. Tails piloted his X-Tornado to help take down the robots with Sonic and Amy, but they fled. They managed to track them to Angel Island, where they fought against them with Knuckles, but were overpowered. The X-Tornado was damaged by one of the Green bots and the Chaos Emerald was stolen from inside the plane. The Green bots used all of the Chaos Emeralds to summon Chaos from the Master Emerald and fused with Perfect Chaos to give Eggman control. He went with Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Chris and Chuck clinging onto the Tornado to follow Perfect Chaos into Station Square.They watched as Sonic managed to obtain the Chaos Emeralds from Perfect Chaos to become Super Sonic. Sonic managed to destroy Eggman's controller and the green bot shell and Tails cheered for him. Chaos would disappear into the ocean back home to the Master Emerald.(SX: #28#29

Later Adventures

Tails joined Sonic and his friends for a barbeque with the Chaotix. The party was interrupted when Chuck called the group to a meteorite he discovered through his telescope and believed that there was a Chaos Emerald inside. Chris decided to make it a competition that they would race to bring back to the Chaos Emerald; to which Tails was picked on Sonic's team with Big. He travelled to the South Pole to grab the Chaos Emerald within the meteorite and helped Sonic to retrieve the meteorite. Sonic managed to make it back, thus making them the winners but were unable to find the emerald. Chris arrived last with Charmy and Cream and had retrieved the Chaos Emerald, and thus winning the competition. (SX: #33)

He would join Sonic and Amy at a pool party, which Eggman had won and didn't suspect as Sonic and Eggman had switched bodies. After the arrival and departure of the Prime Zone version of Shadow, Tails tried to find Sonic after hearing about Eggman's attack, but was too late to help out or meet Shadow again. (SX: #34#37, #40)


Tails posses identical abilities to his Prime Zone counterpart, with the ability to fly by spinning his twin-tails like helicopter blades, as well as very advanced technical knoweledge and piloting skills.


Practically the same as his Prime Counterpart. The difference is that this Tails is shown to be slighty more open minded.

Background Information

  • This Tails is biologically three years younger than his Prime Counterpart.
  • Tails carries Sonic's Power Ring supply and gives them to him when needed in a situation.