Super Sonic is the super transformation of the version of Sonic The Hedgehog of the Sonic X Zone, created by using the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds of that zone.


Sonic achieved this form when going up against Perfect Chaos who was being controlled by Eggman's Green bots attached to his body. Sonic leapt from the Tornado and asked Perfect Chaos to help them, to which he gave the chaos emeralds to him. Eggman regains control and orders Perfect Chaos to destroy Super Sonic. Super Sonic is whacked through a building by its tail, but flies back and forces Perfect Chaos into the ocean. Perfect Chaos then attacks using the waves and floods Station Square as well as crashing Super Sonic through a window. Super Sonic flies and dodges bolts of energy when Perfect Chaos attacks using chaos control. After a few failed attempts with fighting Perfect Chaos, Super Sonic realises that he has to stop Chaos soon before the chaos emeralds wear off and he would change back. He flies towards Eggman, Bocue and Decoe in the Egg-Mobile and destroys the remote. Perfect Chaos regains control and throws Eggman away and Super Sonic destroys the Green bots shell. He flies back to Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Chris and Chuck, changes back to normal and watches Chaos head back to Angel Island to the Master Emerald. (SX: #29)


It is assumed that Super Sonic's abilities match his Prime counterpart.


Sonic's personality in this universe is quite similar to his Prime Counterpart's. His personality doesn't change when he transforms.

Background information

  • While the transformation detailed above was the only instance in the comic, Sonic has actually transformed multiple times throughout the anime, two of said instances even being identical to that of his Prime Zone counterpart: stopping Perfect Chaos from rampaging through a fludded Station Square, and teaming up with Super Shadow to stop the Space Colony ARK crashing into the planet.
  • In the Anime Super Sonic's eye color is orange while in the comics his eye color is red like most interpretations.

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