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Super Shadow
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #124

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Host Form

Shadow the Hedgehog

Transformation Requirements
Gained Abilities

Super Shadow is the super transformation of Shadow the Hedgehog. Like Super Sonic, he is able to attain this form using the power of the Chaos Emeralds.


Shadow first reached this transformation when he allied himself with Super Sonic to stop the Biolizard from destroying the planet with the Space Colony ARK, an act which caused him to almost perish after using all his energy and falling toward the atmosphere. (VG: SA2/SA2B)

He later transformed again to do battle with Devil Doom, super form of Black Doom. Super Shadow was able to destroy Devil Doom, ending the Black Arms invasion of the world. (VG: ShtH, SU: #60)

The Last time Shadow used this form was during an aborted timeline where the monster Solaris attempted to destroy time and space. He put an end to the demigod with the assistance of Super Sonic and Super Super Silver. These events were, however, erased from the timeline. (VG: S06)


In this state, beside having enhanced speed, strength and Chaos powers-including Chaos Control-Super Shadow is also invincible and is capable of flight.

Background Information

  • Super Shadow, like Shadow himself, first appeared in game Sonic Adventure 2.