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All seven Super Emeralds, as depicted in an ancient Echidna book

Super Emeralds (sometimes called "Super Chaos Emeralds") were a rare and more powerful version of the Chaos Emeralds, comprised of different colors. The seven existing Super Emeralds were originally Chao (also known as the "Seven Servers"). After their deity Chaos went rampant and wiped out the Knuckles Tribe, the Seven Servers absorbed Chaos' energies and transformed into the seven Super Emeralds, while trapping both Chaos and Tikal in the Black Emerald. Following this the seven Super Emeralds scattered throughout Mobius' continent of Soumerca, and were later discovered by various parties. The Super Emeralds were used to transform Chaos into Perfect Chaos, which nearly caused the destruction of Station Square. However, due to Super Sonic and Knuckles' efforts, Perfect Chaos was defeated, and the seven Super Emeralds transformed back into the Seven Server Chao, who went off to their own zone with Chaos and Tikal.



Hundreds of years ago in the Mysterious Cat Country, a group of seven Chao, known as the "Seven Servers", worshiped the Black Emerald and their protector Chaos, who was once a Chao as well but evolved to be a creature comprised of pure water. The Seven Servers and Chaos were discovered by the young Echidna girl Tikal, who was a member of the Knuckles Clan. When Tikal's father Pachamac decided to use the Black Emerald's powers to turn the tides of their war with the Felidae, Chaos became enraged and proceeded to wipe out the entire Knuckles Clan, with the exception of Tikal. Realizing Chaos had also become corrupt, Tikal and the Seven Servers discovered Chaos' weakness. Draining Chaos of his powers, the Seven Servers transformed into the seven Super Emeralds, while Tikal then imprisoned herself and Chaos within the Black Emerald. (StH: #82, SSS: #13)

Use by Humans and Overlanders


Nate Morgan holding the Super Emerald he found

Hundreds of years after the Super Emeralds' creation, Nate Morgan located one of them in the Great Rainforest during his travels and kept it. He also used its energies to forge the Ring of Acorns and later the Power Rings. (StH: #67, SSS: #13)

After joining the Knothole Freedom Fighters, Nate used the Super Emerald's power to save all of Mobius. When it was discovered an energy beam would destroy the planet if it was not pulled towards Knothole (which at the time was 3 hours in the future in a pocket zone), Nate gave Sonic the Hedgehog the Super Emerald so that he could run fast enough to lure the beam towards Knothole. Due to the mysterious powers of the Super Emerald, Sonic not only transformed into Super Sonic, but also Ultra Sonic, Solar Sonic, Eco Sonic and Polar Sonic. Successfully restoring time to normal, the Super Emerald also transformed Sonic to have green eyes and gold buckles on his shoes. Following this, Tails installed Nate's Super Emerald in his newly created bi-plane. (StH: #71, #80)

Two other Super Emeralds were discovered hundreds of years ago by Humans, who used them to power their city Station Square. The remaining four Super Emeralds remained undiscovered, situated in the nearby region. (StH: #83, SSS: #13)

Station Square could only have had two of the Super Emeralds at this point, as Nate Morgan had one, Knuckles later found two of them, Big found another while searching for Froggy, and Froggy ingested another at some point after he absorbed Chaos' tail.

Discovery by Mobians and Use by Eggman

After Dr. Eggman liberated the water beast Chaos from the Black Emerald, he proceeded to shatter the Master Emerald and use some of its shards to sustain Chaos. Following this, Eggman went on a quest to obtain the Super Emeralds to transform Chaos into his ultimate form: Perfect Chaos. (StH: #79, #81)

During his efforts to locate the Master Emerald shards, Knuckles came across two Super Emeralds at some unknown point. (SSS: #13)

It is unknown exactly when Knuckles acquired the two Super Emeralds he was shown to have in SSS #13, but it is possible he discovered them while in the Mystic Ruins. In StH #81, Knuckles discovered two "Chaos Emeralds" in the Mystic Ruins. It is possible these were in fact the Super Emeralds, and he simply mistook them for normal Chaos Emeralds, as Knuckles was unaware of the Super Emeralds existing at this point. It is also possible he acquired them after this, as Knuckles was seen losing the two Master Emerald shards along with two Super Emeralds in SSS #13.

At some point in time, Big the Cat had come across a Super Emerald, though he did not know what it was. His friend Froggy also came across a Super Emerald while Big was chasing him, and accidentally ingested it. (SSS: #13)


Chaos with four Super Emeralds inside him

When Sonic, Tails and Knuckles met up, the three faced off against Chaos. The water beast managed to knock Knuckles' Super Emeralds and Master Emerald shards away, which he then absorbed. After Chaos evolved into a new form, Sonic, Knuckles battled the creature and defeated it. Following this, Dr. Eggman retreated with Chaos to locate more Master Emerald shards and Super Emeralds. (SSS: #13)

Sonic and Tails made their way onto Eggman's Egg Carrier after attacking it with the Tornado, while Knuckles glided after them and made his way onto the ship as well. Big the Cat, who had been chasing after Froggy, ended up on the Egg Carrier during its lift off. After Froggy spit out the Super Emerald it swallowed earlier, Dr. Eggman snatched it and the one Big the Cat found, and allowed Chaos to absorb them. With four Super Emeralds and numerous Master Emerald shards within it, Chaos evolved to become even stronger. However, Sonic used Eggman's Ice Bots to freeze Chaos, at which point he and Knuckles shattered him. With Chaos seemingly defeated and the Egg Carrier about to blow up (caused by a chain reaction in Chaos' defeat), the Super Emeralds were brought back to Station Square, where they were safely stored in the city along with its other two Super Emeralds to keep the city powered. (StH: #83, SSS: #13)

It is never shown how the Super Emeralds were brought to Station Square or who brought them, though it was likely either Sonic or Knuckles, as they were the last two people on board the Egg Carrier after Chaos' defeat. Knuckles also would had to have collected the Master Emerald shards formerly within the defeated Chaos, so he likely grabbed the Super Emeralds along with the Master Emerald shards before evacuating from the Egg Carrier.

Perfect Chaos and De-Transformation


The Super Emeralds changing back into the Seven Server Chao

Chaos, who had managed to survive the battle on the Egg Carrier, sensed the Super Emerald within the Tornado, which Big had crash landed. Before Sonic and Tails could retrieve the bi-plane and its Super Emerald, Chaos absorbed it into himself. Chaos then traveled to Station Square, where he absorbed the other six Super Emeralds, transforming into Perfect Chaos. Now working alone and unwilling to serve Eggman, Perfect Chaos began to destroy Station Square, as well as Eggman's second Egg Carrier. With Tikal's help, Sonic managed to absorb the positive powers of the Super Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic. With his new powers, he managed to neutralize the negative energies in Perfect Chaos while Knuckles also electrocuted the beast, causing Chaos to devolve. (StH: #83, #84)

Following Chaos' de-transformation, the seven Super Emeralds transformed back into the Seven Server Chao. They, along with Chaos and Tikal, went off into their own separate zone within the Black Emerald. (StH: #84)

Tikal mentions she and the others are returning to the "zone where we belong to". Given they they were all originally from Mobius Prime, Tikal must be referring to the zone within the Black Emerald which she and Chaos were trapped in for hundreds of years before being released by Dr. Eggman.

Background Information

  • The Super Chaos Emeralds have caused much confusion for fans due to constantly changing colors, names and amount of them. Writer Ian Flynn stated on his message board: "One of my early assignments when I first got one the book was to catalog all the magical thingies in the series. The one that just about beat me was the Super Chaos Emeralds. They were the gems throughout SSS#13 and those powering Station Square and a group of special chao (the Seven Servers). No matter how you slice it, there's simply no reconciling them cleanly. The best I've come up with is to say the Triple Threat went after the Super Chaos Emeralds, returned them to Station Square, and then the whole lot of them reverted to the Seven Server Chao and hopped into another zone with Tikal and Chaos. The rest we're just going to have to chalk up to "plot hole" and move on." (1)
  • The colors of the Super Emeralds changed with almost every appearance. In SSS #13 when two Super Emeralds are first knocked out of Knuckles, they are shown to be green and purple. Later, Chaos is shown to have two of Big's emeralds (blue and pink), plus a green and orange one. Additionally, the Super Emerald in Tails's bi-plane is shown as yellow in this issue. When the Super Emeralds next appeared in StH #83, they were all colored green.
  • The size of Nate Morgan's Super Emeralds has varied. Original depicted as being incredibly large (to the point Nate had trouble carrying it), it was later shown to be the size of a normal Chaos Emerald.
  • In Sonic 3 & Knuckles, the Super Emeralds would turn characters Hyper. However, Tails needs the Super Emeralds to turn Super, as Chaos Emeralds would do nothing. Also, Super Tails acts like a normal Hyper form.
  • In the game Sonic 3 & Knuckles, the Chaos Emeralds are transformed into the Super Emeralds with the help of the Master Emerald.
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