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Sonic the Hedgehog #66

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  • Mobian/Lobster
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  • Wizard robes
Political Alignment and Abilities
Suguna, also known as Ixis Suguna, was an elemental wizard and member of the Order of Ixis who escaped death at the hands of the Albion Knights of Aurora. A Mobian lobster, he gained mastery over the element of water, and then the elements of earth and air from his comrades Agunus and Nusgau. The three would subsequently be fused together to become the evil wizard Ixis Naugus.


Becoming Naugus

Suguna was originally a member of the Order of Ixis, and survived the destruction of his comrades at the hands of the Albion Knights of Aurora during the Forgotten War. He joined forces with fellow wizards Agunus and Suguna after their Order's destruction, and after teaching each other their respective magicks they set out to capture control over the element of fire by making contact with the sun. Despite their cooperation, Suguna held back part of his knowledge regarding water, and so thought to surpass the others by reaching the sun first. Unlike Agunus, Suguna had an excuse, as Agunus betrayed them first. However, similar treachery by Nusgau led to Agunus grabbing Nusgau, forcing Suguna to grab Agunus in turn. This led to the three of them falling into the sun together, fusing them together into Ixis Naugus. (StH: #66, #163)


In the aftermath of Operation: Clean Sweep, the spirit of the water wizard was released from the confines of Ixis Naugus' subconscious alongside his brethren. Contesting his fellow sorcerers for the claim over the dark wizard's body the lobster was shoved aside by Naugus who opted to ignore them. Suguna and his cohorts proved persistent, though they relented as they made efforts to help Naugus increase his credibility with the people of New Mobotropolis. Still, their presence proved more of an annoyance than a help as they advised him speak against Team Freedom only for it to backfire and disrupted his concentration as he attempted speak with Dr. Eggman. Suguna continued to torment Naugus as he prepared to use his newly created Ritual Chamber to enslave the people of New Mobotropolis. As an additional symptom of Naugus' use of a Chaos Emerald when Robotnik utilized his Death Egg Mark 2 to reset reality, Naugus' body began undergoing horrible mutations, which Suguna and his compatriots accosted him for. They continued to berate the ailing wizard as he desperately sought to overcome his mutations by finding a host body. When Naugus' apprentice Geoffrey St. John attempted to convince Naugus to give up his evil ways, Suguna and the others spoke against it, and were pleased when Naugus decided upon an entirely different strategy: using Geoffrey as a host body.(StH: #231, #232, #234, #236, #241; SU: #41, #42, #43)

Suguna attempts to claim dominion over Naugus' body.


While separate from Naugus, Suguna was an elemental wizard, specializing in the element of water. He was able to instruct Suguna and Nusgau in the art while learning theirs as well, though he held back part of his knowledge from them. All his abilities were presumably passed on to Naugus. As a spirit inside Naugus' mind, he is capable of communicating with the wizard and nearly possessed him, but was repulsed by Naugus' use of his Chaos Emerald wand.

Background Information

  • Suguna's name is an anagram of the other two members' names and that of their combined form, Naugus.
  • Ian Flynn revealed that Suguna and his compatriots were not actually participants in the Forgotten War, but became members of the Order later. [1]
  • As a result of the events of Worlds Collide, it appears that Naugus is now a Troll rather than a creature born from the fusion of three Mobians; as such, it can be presumed that Suguna and his compatriots either never existed or else were never associated with Naugus.

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