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Stealth battling against Professor Egg

Stealth the Hedgehog was an alternate version of Sonic the Hedgehog from the Zone of Mobius-Seventeen. As a mask-wearing superhero, he does battle with his universe's Dr. Robotnik, aka Professor Egg, and undoubtedly other villains as well. His zone was destroyed during Master Mogul's rampage through the Cosmic Interstate, but was restored by Titan Tails. (StH: #149, #150)

Background Information

  • Stealth the Hedgehog is a parody of Marvel Comics' Spiderman.
  • A version of Sonic that parodied Spiderman previously appeared in Sonic Super Special #10 on one of the many screens at Zone Cop HQ. It's possible that this was Stealth. However, this depiction shows him wearing the traditional red and blue Spiderman costume as opposed to the black one seen in #149.

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